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Troy & Nick  became friends during college and are both members of the same fraternity.  Bonding over a shared love of BBQ , the friends realized there was an opportunity to share their passion: high quality, reasonably priced BBQ. After coming up with the idea, they met up & started to enter competitions all throughout the DFW area. When they realized that first place tasted just as good as their BBQ, they knew they had something special. 

Troy Edwards- Owner


A Dallas native by way of Rowlett, I've grown up eating Texas BBQ my whole life and I'm very particular about upholding the authenticity of the culture. After years of eating everyone else's Texas BBQ, I wanted to try my hand at making my own mouth watering, anticipation building recipes.  What was once a hobby has now turned into a grand championship BBQ team that will  challenge your taste buds! 

Troy Edwards - Owner
Nick Jackson - Owner/Pitmaster

Nick Jackson - Pitmaster / Owner.

A Dallas native by way of Plano, I have a passion for authentic Texas BBQ and I'm not afraid to put my own twist on Texas BBQ while keeping the authentic culture alive.  I first realized that I could cook for the masses when I was thrown into the fire in college after being volunteered to be the pitmaster for a multitude of campus wide picnics. I love to compete and share my passion with anybody who has a taste for BBQ, and even if you don't, you will after trying ours! GAURANTEED! 

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